March 19, 2017

Positive Thought As A Lifestyle w/ Kevin Oberhausen

Today’s guest is Kevin Oberhausen, a Chicago-based life coach, massage therapist, and energy healer. Our conversation dives into the depression and anxiety he experienced as a child, and how that experience informs the life he leads today. Perhaps more importantly, we discuss that role that your thoughts play in how you experience reality, as well as his new 30 Days of Self Love project, which might just change your life.

Highlights of this episode include:
-His childhood experiences with depression and self-harm, and the TV show that gave him the idea
-How allowing yourself to feel your feelings fully versus taking medication can help resolve depression
-How happiness and joy can be a state that you live in consistently
-The changing nature of masculinity in our society
-Kevin’s 30 Days of Self Love Project, and how it might be just what you need


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