On this week's episode, Julie and I talk about inspiration, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and his book that changed my life.

January 13, 2018

The Unavailable President

My thoughts post-sh*thole. 

This week on Undue Anxiety, Julie and are talking about how 2018 will be a year of change and transition for our family.  Our son, George, will be graduating from college, and Julie's parents are transitioning into a retirement community. Along with periods of inevitable change can come both excitement as well as some uncertainty, in addition to a number of other complex emotions. So we'll be discussing how we like to believe that the ending of every life chapter has a new beginning built right into it, and that every transition can be a gift in a way. You'll also hear about how a chance encounter with John Cougar Mellencamp may or may not have helped put it all into perspective!

Happy New Years, everyone!  To kick off 2018, here is quick 10-minute hit with some unconventional wisdom on how to set yourself up for a great year, the theme of which is — forget about your resolutions. Nobody keeps them anyway.  Instead —  Chill out!  Take a breather!  Recover from the stress and business of the holidays. There’s also different promise I want you to make to yourself this year, take a listen to get all the info!

December 20, 2017

An Important Holiday Reminder

Happy Holidays! Here's a brief, but critical reminder regarding how to talk to, and about, our children and families during this emotionally amped up holiday season. These 8 minutes could spare wildly unnecessary pain and disconnection. Please listen. 




Overachieving. Numbing Out. Isolating. People Pleasing. These are just some of the habits that we might be employing subconsciously when we’re not quite operating at our best, or as this week’s guest Andrea Owen would put it — when we’re “feeling like sh*t.” Andrea is a life coach specializing in working with women and the author of the forthcoming book, “How To Stop Feeling Like Sh*t.” Andrea has an incredible energy with her words and an enviable vibrance for life, as well as a roller coaster of a backstory that sees her navigate two divorces, love addiction, a drinking problem, and transforming it all into a thriving career as a coach. Check out our conversation, and then check out the rest of her work at www.yourkickasslife.com

Highlights of this episode include:

— What Andrea learned about “False Armor” by training with Brene Brown 

— How she persevered through two divorces and overcame a love addiction and a drinking problem

— How all of her life experience was then channeled into her life coaching career

— What is a “Compassionate Witness” and how can it help you with your life?


Let’s face — 2017 was chaos for most of us.  America is entering an age of accountability.  Light is being shed on some unflattering corners of our culture.  Old structures are collapsing, and new ones haven’t exactly been built yet. But as the year is winding down, there’s still an opportunity to have a great December, and set yourself up to have a great 2018 as well.  So my wife, Julie, is joining me today to talk about some of the little things we can do to make the most of our month. 


This week we have our first ever international guest, author Brent Williams from New Zealand.  Brent wrote the graphic novel “Out Of The Woods” which is a stunning visual representation through his unexpected journey with depression and anxiety. While suffering from depression, Brent learned that journaling was one of the most powerful ways to get in touch with what he was feeling, and deconstruct some of his own thought and behavior patterns that were perhaps contributing to his condition. Being that he was unable to read due to exhaustion while he was depressed, he determined that the graphic novel medium would perhaps be the best method to share his story and connect with others who felt similarly. Tune in to hear the entire story from start to finish of how this incredible work came to be!

Highlights of this episode include:

— Why Brent was able to connect with the graphic novel medium versus more traditional self-help vehicles

— How never thought he’d be afflicted with something like depression

— How Brent eventually managed to heal himself

— The power of journaling for Brent during the healing process

— What Brent currently does when he feels anxiety starting to surface


This week’s guest is Dr. Melanie Greenberg, psychologist, speaker, and author of “The Stress-Proof Brain: Master Your Emotional Response to Stress Using Mindfulness & Neuroplasticity.”  She has been a guest on numerous media outlets including CNN, Forbes, BBC Radio, Lifehacker, Huffington Post, and much more.  We had an interesting chat about the events that actually occur in our brains when we experience stress, and how knowledge of this can potentially help to mitigate some of the unwanted symptoms that show up in our daily lives. What you might not know is that modern neuroscience has produced some very interesting research that suggests that we can essentially train our brains, much like muscles, to become more bulletproof to stress via mindfulness training, and you’ll get some great insight from Melanie about how to do so!

Highlights of this episode include:

— What exactly is mindfulness and how can it help us become more resilient to stress?

— What are all the parts of the brain that process stress, anxiety, and emotions?

— How even just a little knowledge of neuroscience can help to ease anxiety

— Melanie’s personal story of how she began studying stress and the brain

November 5, 2017

Confessions Of A Malcontent

“Teach what you need to learn, until you learn it.” — Dr. Wayne Dyer

This week I’m recording out from Bloomington, IN, where I just finished up having an awesome weekend with my son at his college.  My experience this weekend caused me to reflect on a specific aspect of myself I’d like to address today — and that is my tendency to be a “Malcontent.” I’d describe a malcontent as someone who is never quite satisfied with where they are, always in search of the next big thing. While there are times that this can certainly fuel us in our lives — it’s what has allowed me to become a psychologist, author, and a guest in numerous national media outlets — it also makes it very easy to bypass the present moment, and the deep-fulfilling happiness that emanates from a gratitude for the experience in front of us right now.  So take a quick listen, and then I urge you to go out into your life and really try to connect with and appreciate whatever experience happens to be in front of you.  I suspect you won’t regret it!


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