Anxiety and panic attacks can happen to just about anyone, at any time. And that includes successful TV personalities! Which brings me to today’s guest, Molly Fay, who is the host of the “The Morning Blend” based out of Milwaukee, WI.  She opens up about her experience dealing with a sudden onset of anxiety, the roots of which can likely be traced back to the loss of her brother to suicide. We talk about the effect this had on her career, and what she ultimately did regain her sense of normalcy. 

Highlights of this episode include:

-The story of losing her brother to suicide, and the qualities of mental illness that can go unnoticed

-Does she think suicide is a selfish act?

-How cognitive behavioral therapy was the turning point to resolving her anxiety

-At what point should someone experiencing anxiety symptoms seek professional help?

-Her views (and mine) on anxiety medication, and more.


Today I’m joined once again by my wife, Julie, and we’re digging into the topic of creativity and how it relates to all the various aspects of our lives, especially undue anxiety. I have a theory that certain types of the anxiety I see in both kids and adults these days may really not be much more than pent up creative energy begging to be let out. But a lot the things we encounter on a daily basis can prevent this from happening, especially as we start to develop a concept of who we think we are and who we think we aren’t.  So if you’ve ever been told that you can’t sing, dance, draw, paint or play an instrument - this one is especially for you. And look out for a special creative challenge toward the end of the episode if you’re up for it!


Highlights of this episode include:

-Is there correlation between anxiety and creative energy?

-How small comments and incidents can repress our creativity

-How facing your biggest fears can lead to your biggest breakthroughs

-The benefits of encouraging creativity from a young age


Dr. Helen Odessky is an anxiety expert and the author of the brand new book titled “Stop Anxiety From Stopping You.” She describes her early experiences with anxiety as a youth as feeling like there was a cinder block on her chest, and many years later has dedicated her career to understanding the ins and outs of the panic and fears we all face everyday. Check out her book at the link below. You might recognize the guy who wrote the foreword!

Highlights of this episode include:
-The dreaded school lunchroom and anxiety
-How panic manifests differently in people
-Anxiety advice that absolutely DOES NOT
-Should you remedy panic attacks with Coca Cola?
-Two surprising things that can short circuit (but not cure) anxiety
-Tips for taking ownership of your anxiety


John is a fun guy. He’s a blast to talk to, loves playing the guitar, and loves helping people. But he’s a guy who has been plagued by anxiety in many different shapes and forms throughout the many years that I’ve known him.  Whether it’s drug use, “school refusal,” chronic stomach pain, or even something as peculiar as obsessive dieting, the culprit has always been able to be traced back to the many-headed beast of anxiety.  John’s here today to share his story about all the different ways his undue anxiety has affected him throughout his youth, as well as the incredible healing powers of the guitar!

Highlights of our conversation include:

-Consistently missing school when he was younger
-Quitting drugs cold turkey after a particularly wild night
-The importance of having positive role models to talk to
-How anxiety can be a good thing once in a while
-And of course, the wide variety of his symptoms throughout the years


Mark Goblowsky is a husband, father, U.S. Air Force veteran, martial arts expert, and host of the Strength Through Struggle podcast.  Following a particularly rough upbringing, Mark was seeking a more structured adulthood; a code that he could live by, which he found through the military as well as his martial arts training. But nothing could prepare him for the day that his changed forever in just an instant - the day his 3-year-old (at the time) son suffered a traumatic brain injury in a tragic accident.


Today’s guest is Kevin Oberhausen, a Chicago-based life coach, massage therapist, and energy healer. Our conversation dives into the depression and anxiety he experienced as a child, and how that experience informs the life he leads today. Perhaps more importantly, we discuss that role that your thoughts play in how you experience reality, as well as his new 30 Days of Self Love project, which might just change your life.

Highlights of this episode include:
-His childhood experiences with depression and self-harm, and the TV show that gave him the idea
-How allowing yourself to feel your feelings fully versus taking medication can help resolve depression
-How happiness and joy can be a state that you live in consistently
-The changing nature of masculinity in our society
-Kevin’s 30 Days of Self Love Project, and how it might be just what you need


As promised, here's part two of the podcast with my brilliant, hilarious friend Ilene. Here, she shares with us her story since childhood and her mother's suicide, including the impact on her marriage, her career, and parenting her two amazing children. In the wake of it all, her joy for life and humor will inspire you.


Today we welcome my good friend Ilene, among the kindest, most funny, thoughtful people I know. In part one of her podcast, Ilene shares with us some beautiful stories of growing up in a loving yet complicated family. She talks about the politically-incorrect 'spanky paddle' to hitchhiking mishaps to the reason she locked her brother in the garage. She also generously shares the story of her mother's suicide, and the physical and emotional fallout for herself.  This one is WAY more fun, and funny, than you might think.


At just 31 years old, Jennifer answered the phone one day to unexpectedly receive the news that her husband was leaving her and moving out. She describes this experience as “life shattering” and is here today to tell her story in great detail and - much more importantly - how she bounced back to create a life of great purpose and meaning that she never would have imagined prior.

Highlights of this episode include:
-Why divorce is rated higher on the stress scale than death
-Her gnawing fear that her children would grow up with the “children of divorce” label
-Her mindset shift that helped the proverbial phoenix rise from the ashes
-How a single triathlon training class created a snowball effect of significant positive changes in her life
-And I can’t spoil the rest of the story from there!

Today on the Undue Anxiety Podcast, I'm joined by my wife Julie to discuss what I've begun to call the "February Funk," a period in which a lot us tend to feel a little depressed, a little stuck, a little anxious.  Julie and I talk about how the "Funk" - and our country's current political climate - are bringing her down, and how she thinks we might fix it. 

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