October 30, 2016

“Lisa: On Silencing The Voices In Your Head”

Our inner monologues can oftentimes do a number on us if we allow them to.  They can tell us we’re not good enough, or that we need to stay in that bad relationship, in addition to an endless amount of other diatribes that cause us to wage unnecessary war against ourselves.  My conversation with today’s guest, psychologist and certified life coach Lisa Kaplin, takes aim at these voices and deconstructs them with a number of very important questions:  Are these voices even real? Whose voice is it? Are they serving you or making you happy? What if you changed it to a different voice, something more positive and nurturing? How would this change your life? All of this, and much more!

Highlights of this episode include:
-Silencing the voice inside your head that says you should do what other people want you to
-How staying in a bad job or bad marriages can set up bad models for your kids
-Why she decided to work exclusively with women in her coaching practice
-How Instagram culture is affecting our kids
-Can body image issue begin as early as infancy?
-Why the Millennial generation is a great thing for our society, and more!


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