February 26, 2017

Jennifer: When A Spouse Leaves Suddenly…

At just 31 years old, Jennifer answered the phone one day to unexpectedly receive the news that her husband was leaving her and moving out. She describes this experience as “life shattering” and is here today to tell her story in great detail and - much more importantly - how she bounced back to create a life of great purpose and meaning that she never would have imagined prior.

Highlights of this episode include:
-Why divorce is rated higher on the stress scale than death
-Her gnawing fear that her children would grow up with the “children of divorce” label
-Her mindset shift that helped the proverbial phoenix rise from the ashes
-How a single triathlon training class created a snowball effect of significant positive changes in her life
-And I can’t spoil the rest of the story from there!


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