October 8, 2017

Blake: Moving On From College Football, Loneliness & Connection During The College Years

This week’s guest is Blake, a college senior at Indiana University.  Blake has a been football player since his youth, and as a big guy, always a fairly dominant one.  But as a college football player, going from the proverbial big fish in the small pond to the opposite proved to be an incredibly challenging transition in many areas. The rigorous time and energy requirements of the game was beginning to interfere with his ability to have a complete college experience, and a sense of loneliness was becoming prevalent.  As the title suggests, Blake made one of the most difficult decisions he’s ever made in deciding to leave football behind, and was ultimately able to improve his grades and social life immensely, as well as discover a passion for broadcasting. Blake shows us how to create a rich, authentic life experience by staying involved, staying positive, and staying connected." 


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