February 15, 2018

Stoneman Douglas

Some important words I think everyone needs needs to hear about the Stoneman Douglas tragedy today... and any other school shooting, for that matter.

February 11, 2018

The Currency of Currency


This week, we’re talking about “currency,” and not necessarily the paper green kind.  Identifying your “currency” is gaining clarity on what motivates you, what gets you excited and interested, what brings value to your work and your life. We do better and feel better when we understand and sync our lives to our own specific currency. Enjoy!


This week, we’re talking about how indirectly stifling creativity in our kids at a young age can affect their minds, and potentially lay the foundation for depression and anxiety. It's been frying our @$$es quite frankly! But the good news is that creativity can be restored and reclaimed… at any age!


This week’s guest is PBS talk show host Whitney Reynolds. Whitney is by-far one of the most confident and tenacious guests I have had the privilege of speaking to on this podcast thus far, especially since she has know that her life’s path was in having her own television show since she was five years old! Whitney’s story is a prime example of why staying true to your vision is the best path toward success and fulfillment.

Some highlights of our conversation:
- How she started interviewing her friends at age 5 with a makeshift microphone
- How she was able to start her own TV show at just 23 years old
- How her hosting has changed over time from the start of her career to the platform she has now
- How becoming a mom two years ago has changed her life

January 23, 2018


Lately in my office, I've seen a lot of people that are obsessive, fixated. Today, Julie and I discuss how we can relate to this type of rumination, how it doesn't serve us, and how to help yourself and maybe someone else move past it. 


On this week's episode, Julie and I talk about inspiration, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and his book that changed my life.

January 13, 2018

The Unavailable President

My thoughts post-sh*thole. 

This week on Undue Anxiety, Julie and are talking about how 2018 will be a year of change and transition for our family.  Our son, George, will be graduating from college, and Julie's parents are transitioning into a retirement community. Along with periods of inevitable change can come both excitement as well as some uncertainty, in addition to a number of other complex emotions. So we'll be discussing how we like to believe that the ending of every life chapter has a new beginning built right into it, and that every transition can be a gift in a way. You'll also hear about how a chance encounter with John Cougar Mellencamp may or may not have helped put it all into perspective!

Happy New Years, everyone!  To kick off 2018, here is quick 10-minute hit with some unconventional wisdom on how to set yourself up for a great year, the theme of which is — forget about your resolutions. Nobody keeps them anyway.  Instead —  Chill out!  Take a breather!  Recover from the stress and business of the holidays. There’s also different promise I want you to make to yourself this year, take a listen to get all the info!

December 20, 2017

An Important Holiday Reminder

Happy Holidays! Here's a brief, but critical reminder regarding how to talk to, and about, our children and families during this emotionally amped up holiday season. These 8 minutes could spare wildly unnecessary pain and disconnection. Please listen. 




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