July 14, 2021

A Closet Conversation

Today we are podcasting from our downtown closet talking about everything from the power of dance to why we watch and read what we do. We end with a few back to school tips. Enjoy!

In this episode, we wrap up pride month as we talk about the amazing parenting opportunities that present themselves when your child is different than you maybe thought. And how we all can be better at turning toward the unique qualities in each other - and prevent a lot of heartbreak.

Today we are talking about our pandemic take-aways and the importance of taking the time to process all that we've experienced. As things return to "normal" we realize many of the memories, good and bad, feel like they're slipping away. So take a beat and talk it all through. We're all changed.

"Let's get back to normal as soon as possible...as if normal was anything to aspire to." - Russell Brand, on "Armchair Expert"


Today we are talking about a couple of John's new articles for CNN. We are breaking down the new gray divorce trend - a topic sparked by the Bill & Melinda Gates divorce and also discussing the stress of moving out of Covid restrictions.

Julie just opened a new art studio in the city and we were back in the stands for a Cubs game. Finding hope and joy as spring springs.

Jessica Lahey is the NYT best-selling author of a brilliant new book, "The Addiction Inoculation," out this week. Here, she has a LOT to share about her own addiction and recovery, the science of addiction, and ways in which we can truly mitigate substance use and abuse in our kids. There are revelations in here. This is a must-listen.

It's been a year since we first locked down. Today we are talking about the "wall" we've all hit and Julie shares her wake up call.

Today on the podcast we have Sue Borison of Your Teen Media, who is here to talk with John about all things raising teenagers. They discuss how to navigate the biggest problems affecting teenagers today, the importance of open communication, the role fear plays in parenting, and more!

We finally took the quiz and today we are discussing what we learned about our "love" priorities. Spoiler alert: don't touch John.

This week, John is joined by Dr. Helen Odessky to talk all about her new book, "Stop Fear From Stopping You." They talk about the difference between fear and anxiety, how to tell the difference between good fear and bad fear, and much more!

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