August 11, 2020

How To Reset And Recharge

Today we are talking about ways to re-frame and refresh what might seem a bit bleak - and how to look with some optimism at your options and next steps.

John is answering your questions about everything back-to-school in these very complicated and stressful times.

Today we are weighing in on the super complicated upcoming school year and also talking about how to remember our sense of humor and lean into it in the coming days!

July 14, 2020

The Tao Of These Times

On today's episode we are doing a check-in on the stress and anxiety of these unprecedented, complicated, often discouraging times and how we all need to step up for each other. We laugh a little, too.

June 11, 2020

Black Lives Matter

Today we are doing our best to join the conversation, speak up, chime in. We are talking about our experience at the Chatham Peace Walk over the weekend and how we can move forward and contribute to positive change.

It’s been a tense week. In this brief episode, John would like to take a few minutes to share his thoughts on white privilege and the current situation in America. 




MY HOOD MY BLOCK MY CITY — Chicago Small Business Relief Fund


“It’s Not Regular” — An incredible speech from MHMBMC Founder Jahmal Cole


Ant-Racism Resources For White People (Books/Articles/Films/Organizations, etc.)


Bail Funds/Legal Help By City

Today, we are catching up on our quarantine experience so far and what it might look like with the next steps.

We're posting John's weekly IG Live Q&A from last Thursday, 5/7. We're talking about kids who happen to be thriving right now and what they're doing differently, why you might want to consider renovating a room right now, resolving bullying issues between siblings, how to strike a balance between modeling grit and grievance for your kids, and more. Most important thing to remember: YOU set the emotional tone of your home.

Please submit your questions for next week if you have any!

"You are the emotional leaders of your home whether you want the title or not."

Here is John's Instagram Live Q&A from last Thursday, 4/30, for anyone who might have missed it. Some topics discussed include handling teenagers who seem depressed about what the future might look like, time management in regards to schoolwork, incentivizing productivity and peacekeeping in your home, and anticipating a rise in social anxiety as restrictions begin to ease in your area.

May 4, 2020

Trader Judy

In this lighthearted episode, Julie catches up with her friend Judy, a personal trainer, amazing mom, and Trader Joes warrior. They talk about the frontline life of essential employees, their mutual love of Trader Joes, staying healthy during quarantine, and much much more. Some practical tips and a few laughs. Enjoy!

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