Today, we are talking about a little bit of everything - inauguration, insurrection, Bridgerton...but mainly, when you set an intention, the amazing things you can find and learn while out walking in the city.

Today, we are doing a quick holiday review and discussing our takeaways from 2020 and how we can realistically and intentionally move into 2021. Reminder to everyone to find out how and when you can get your vaccine.

December 9, 2020

A Very Covid Christmas

This week we're podcasting from our brand new groovy downtown Chicago live/work pad and weighing options for how to spend the holidays in 2020. Can you believe John doesn't like to play games?!? or Thanksgiving food?!? or PIE?!?!?! (except for June's, which is objectively the best). Enjoy!

November 17, 2020

The Home Stretch

We're back! Alas, we are at the home stretch of this ever-eventful rotation around the sun. We attempt to avoid talking about the pandemic, but cannot resist the allure and hope of the vaccine that can return us to the promised land of normalcy. In the meantime, keep your nose tucked neatly into your mask, and we challenge you all to look for a little "light" in the coming weeks. Nama-freakin-ste!

This week, John sits down with David Kamp, author of the new book "Sunny Days," a history of the Sesame Street/Mister Rogers era of enlightened children's television. We talk about how counter-culture this type of programming was at the time, activism in the media during times of unrest, and more!

Today we are talking about how we are navigating everything 2020 and offering a couple ideas about how to tend to our collective mental health.

September 22, 2020

Honoring Ken, Chuck, And RBG

We found a way to joyfully gather with Julie's family over the weekend to celebrate her dad's 87th b-day. We also lost a national treasure and a personal mentor. Good news/bad news. Discussing it all on today's episode.

John has somehow stumbled upon a sacred reservoir of generalized contentment that's been getting him through his days. We retrace some of our recent steps in an attempt to understand how this phenomenon came to be, and if its replicable for us all, this week on Better!

Today we are talking about why it is important sometimes to focus back in on the smaller picture, and how to ground yourself and keep things moving and positive.

August 26, 2020

On Campus

Fresh from John's bday getaway, today we are talking about what we are hearing from some kiddos on campus. It's heavy out there. We need to make it better. We eke out an upbeat takeaway at the end!

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