January 29, 2017

Dylan: Processing Childhood Trauma & The “I’m Not Enough” Myth

Today’s guest is Dylan, who is here to share his story about the roots his anxiety, which can be traced back to feeling responsible for his parents’ separation as well as his father’s anger issues. What Dylan experienced growing up led to his buying into the false “I’m not enough” or “I’m not good enough” myth that our fears will sometimes manifest for us. Dylan bravery takes through the highs and lows of his life journey thus far, including a revelation he wasn’t planning on sharing, as well as the philosophy that’s helping him shape a positive adult life.

Highlights of this episode include:
-Why he initially blamed himself for parents separation
-Why he still feels fear and anxiety telling this very story today
-How his father’s anger issues impacted his life and anxiety
-His worst depressive episode he went through in middle school
-His favorite quote that helps him & more!


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