October 1, 2017

Colette: On True Connection Through Singing To Alzheimer’s Patients

Oftentimes on the podcast, we talk about the importance of “connection” and how we eradicate a lot of our undue anxiety by simply connecting to something, whether it be a passion or otherwise.  This week’s guest is Colette, who is here to take us on a journey that exemplifies this idea with her incredibly inspirational story of being a professional singer in New York City who suddenly lost her voice one day, and how she ultimately re-connected with it years later through volunteering to sing to Alzheimer’s patients.  Colette’s story is a powerful testament to the healing powers that intent can illicit, how we better treat and serve our elders, and how the fulfillment we receive from any endeavor we choose to pursue in life is ultimately dependent on the energy we choose to bring to it.  PS — Colette is also hilarious. 


Highlights of this episode include:

— How Colette lost her singing voice while trying to make it as a singer in NYC

— How she was able to launch a career in comedy afterwards

— How she re-discovered singing many years later through volunteering

— Her grandmothers that inspired her to want to work with the elderly

— The importance of having a purpose, and much more!


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