April 16, 2017

What’s Going On? The Importance Of Creativity

Today I’m joined once again by my wife, Julie, and we’re digging into the topic of creativity and how it relates to all the various aspects of our lives, especially undue anxiety. I have a theory that certain types of the anxiety I see in both kids and adults these days may really not be much more than pent up creative energy begging to be let out. But a lot the things we encounter on a daily basis can prevent this from happening, especially as we start to develop a concept of who we think we are and who we think we aren’t.  So if you’ve ever been told that you can’t sing, dance, draw, paint or play an instrument - this one is especially for you. And look out for a special creative challenge toward the end of the episode if you’re up for it!


Highlights of this episode include:

-Is there correlation between anxiety and creative energy?

-How small comments and incidents can repress our creativity

-How facing your biggest fears can lead to your biggest breakthroughs

-The benefits of encouraging creativity from a young age


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